Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fanta Green Apple

Fanta is really getting out of control with their can designs. In the past I have seen graffiti monsters and alien humanoids and now with Green Apple we have William Tell (or to be historically correct it's probably his son Walter) getting an apple (green) shot off his head. The whole can is designed like a big green tree and covered in apples and rubber-tipped arrows. William (or Walter) is even wearing a green apple bowtie. Wild. The fanta logo is also inside a big green apple with a bite out of it. They have really outdone themselves this time and I love it.

The smell lives up to the hype, exactly like green apples. The taste is a little different and is more like red apples. If I had to guess I would say the taste is somewhere between Granny Smith and Fuji. Whether its red or green the soda is really delicious. It's tart and a has a little bit of a sour bite, I like my soda sour so would love some more citric acid taste.

It is light and refreshing, the way you want an apple soda and doesn't have a thick, gluggy feel like some Fanta variants. There isn't much of an aftertaste which isn't really a bad thing. A really solid apple soda that rivals Jones for me. Although this isn't such a big call to make as my Jones experience has been on a downward spiral lately, but more on that another time.



Available at Central Grocery.

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