Monday, September 5, 2011

Diet Black Cherry Shasta

I think when I first spotted this soda I was distracted by its amazing 80s style can design and black cherry flavour when I should have noticed a few (really noticeable) red flags on the can.

1. DIET in huge letters. After this I feel like imposing a blanket “no diet” rule on all future reviews. Still never had a diet soda I have enjoyed.

2. Flavoured with Splenda. I suppose there is worse stuff that you could put in a drink but this makes for a heinous aftertaste.

3. Caffeine Free. Not that this is really a problem but coupled with the other things listed above, it doesn’t help, the least this soda could do is give me a kick to give me the energy to reach for the noose like you invariably want to do after downing this stuff. Harsh. Probably undeserved.

So you probably get the feeling that I don’t like the soda, in truth it’s not sooo bad, but its definitely not good either. It’s just bland, with no outstanding flavours, pretty much just Diet Coke in cherry flavour. At first crack, the smell is really good, a nice strong cherry scent. After tasting it though, the cherry flavour is really weak, more of a “with a hint of cherry” than a standalone cherry drink. The only thing I could taste through the whole drink was that typical chemical diet soda taste, every diet soda has it, foul and artificial. It hides while your actually drinking but then sneaks up on you right after, and stays FOREVER.

Overall this soda feels like something good (a black cherry soda) shrouded in a lot of bad (shitty diet chemicals, splenda). I wouldn't buy this again I will judge everyone who does.



Available at Bargain Depot Supermarket, Brunswick.

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