Monday, September 5, 2011

Schweppes Grapefruit

The smell of this soda is spot-on, almost as if you had just cut a real grapefruit in half, and the characteristic sourness is here in a fairly realistic quantity.

The taste is less faithful, far sweeter and all but lacking the sourness that the smell promised, but still pretty great. This soda tastes a whole lot like Lift (which it resembles in appearance to a T) or other lemon-flavoured sodas, with a roughly equal amount of Grapefruit flavour alongside the lemon. Like most lemon sodas, this drink is fairly light, fairly bubbly, and definitely refreshing.

While the sourness is much weaker than the smell led me to expect, it is not entirely absent and in fact the sourness level is very pleasant, if maybe a little too weak for my liking. In place of the sourness, Schweppes have opted to up the sweetness of the drink, and while compared to Lift etc this drink is relatively light-on sweetness wise, I wish that it was just a little less sweet and a little more sour.

The can looks great, fairly basic and uncluttered, nice colours and an appealing design. I’d go so far as to call it ‘classy’.

I really, really like this soda, but wish that the sourness of Grapefruit had been emphasised over the sweetness.



Available at Central Grocery, Melbourne Central and other various Asian grocers.


  1. sounds interesting. Hope you are going to feature a and w root beer or just any root beer, I love that stuff!

  2. We have one root beer review in the bank that should be up next week and a few more waiting on the shelves to be reviewed. Thanks for the interest.

  3. Where can I buy this in Sydney Australia?